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“I highly recommend Tanya Hewitt’s Integrity Course. Through thought provoking discussions and practical exercises the course enables participants to define what integrity means to them and offers useful methods to live authentically without sacrificing one’s integrity. From our workplace to our home life, from relationships with loved ones to interactions with strangers, the course explores the areas where we can improve upon. The course is engaging, insightful and informative. Tanya provides a wealth of knowledge and allows participants to share their experiences in a safe space. I particularly appreciated how the course gave me the opportunity to take what was learned and put into practice, holding me accountable through a follow up session (with Tanya) after its completion. It was an invaluable experience. Thank you Tanya.
Jennifer Leggatt

Your workplace can adopt practices to change how employees show up and function at work. Beyond Safety Compliance helps organizations realize that compliance is only a minimum bar and helps them on their journey to have a healthier workplace.