My professional fulfillment comes from assisting organizations on their learning journey

Tanya is a lifelong learner, with degrees in physics and a PhD population health. She has 18 years experience with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. She enjoys documentaries, podcasts and conferences, volunteering, and non-competitive softball and curling. She enjoys working outside as Mother Nature permits.

Tanya is wife to a loving husband and mother to two adult daughters. She is proud of her family and has organized family get togethers, from large in person reunions to smaller Zoom catch ups, and understands the importance of social connection in life.


Commitment to learning: Beyond Safety Compliance is committed to continuous learning, from webinars to podcasts to documentaries, to receiving and acting on feedback from all who engage.

Commitment to sharing: Beyond Safety Compliance will share this learning as freely as possible

Committed Canadian: Beyond Safety Compliance is a proud Canadian company, and is supportive of Canadian enterprises

Reconciliation with Indigenous peoples and Environmental stewardship are key activities that Beyond Safety Compliance values very highly.

Your workplace can adopt practices to change how employees show up and function at work. Beyond Safety Compliance helps organizations realize that compliance is only a minimum bar and helps them on their journey to have a healthier workplace.