Beyond Safety Compliance

Awareness sessions

Do you know the change in safety, including Human and Organizational Performance, Organizational Health, Safety II (two), Safety Differently, or Resilience Engineering? You may benefit from an awareness session from Beyond Safety Compliance that introduces these concepts, and the benefits that adopting them can bring. An awareness session is just that - a mere introduction. It can serve as a “fit” test, to see if you are interested in further pursuing the ideas. The time commitment is 1.5 hrs, but could be longer based on audience interest.

Standardized Workshops

Are you ready to take a deeper dive? You may be interested in a workshop with defined learning objectives. The topic is an introduction to human performance and systems thinking. Highly interactive, this service can be customized to the organization's own experience, to ensure that the organization benefits. The workshop lasts one day (ideally).

Custom training

Has the awareness session whetted your appetite? Do you want to explore much further some of the concepts seen in the awareness session? You may be interested in having a custom workshop or other learning activity at your organization. The commitment will be determined by the expressed needs of the organization.