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What I have learned in 2023

As a lifelong learner, it is unusual for me to compress my learnings into a short article, but I thought I might do so for 2023.  Many of us encountered a lot or turmoil - count the effects of climate change showing up as forest fires, floods, drought, and extreme...

Wonderful Networks

It is easy to become disillusioned and upset when focusing on external events - from catastrophic temperature rises causing weather chaos,  from rampant inflation to housing crises, from global wars to divisions in societies - one can really be drawn in to a state of...

Tanya's Thoughts

Calming after Christmas

"It's comin' on Christmas, They're cuttin' down trees ..."And so goes Joni Mitchell's River, a song I heard a few times this holiday season. While this is not the main focus of her song (having a river that she could skate away on seems to be), it does start off with...


Thanks for checking out my blog.  I will use this space to develop thoughts and share some ideas - feel free to comment and share your perspective! As I write this, the first Sunday of Advent has been celebrated.  I have recently learned that this Sunday represents...

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