My consulting philosophy

I need to believe in and support companies that I help, and I also believe that organizational dysfunction can impede organizations from reaching their potential, and far worse. Putting these together, I realized that I would preferentially (not exclusively!) enjoy helping organizations who are saving our planet with any internal strife they may have.

Consulting Q&A

What services will I get from Beyond Safety Compliance?

Beyond Safety Compliance will assess the needs of your organization and help you where needed in

  • Building cohesive teams, where people establish trust and then can work through conflict in a productive manner to achieve goals
  • Hiring team players with ideal virtues
  • Understanding the true character of leadership
  • Aligning the organization, where clarity can help everyone to “row the dragon boat in the same direction”
  • Carving productive meetings, where “meeting stew” is broken down to help streamline the time spent
  • Managing talent, where people’s Working Genius is identified, and help to match them to tasks for which they are best suited
  • Bridging the gap between management and the front line

While all of these are laudable goals in themselves, investing in them will enable you to have more efficient processes, which will result in a higher income.

What level of commitment do we need?
Commitment to working on the people side of your business needs to be shown – senior management need to devote time to work on these ideas.

That said, if the senior management is willing to take this seriously and devote at least 2 hrs to an initial session (once a fit is determined), progress can be made very quickly.

Senior management is not able to devote the time to this, but a division of out company is. Is this still a possibility?
If a division of a company is truly interested in becoming healthy, they can become leaders for the rest of the company. The goal is always to have the senior leadership truly lead, and if a division needs to set the example, then this is feasible – so absolutely.
Consultants are known to drag out work to ensure a reliable income. Is this how you work?
Beyond Safety Compliance will work with you only up until you need the help – once you are self sufficient in the concepts, Beyond Safety Compliance can bow out.
How much will this cost?
The charge will depend upon the amount of help that you desire, but the minimum engagement (starting on team cohesion) will start at $3 000CAD. There is no charge for the fit interview.

Your workplace can adopt practices to change how employees show up and function at work. Beyond Safety Compliance helps organizations realize that compliance is only a minimum bar and helps them on their journey to have a healthier workplace.