Beyond Safety Compliance

Executive team sessions

Would you like to start at the very top, ensuring the executive team has trust, is aligned, is clear and communicates this to the organization? These sessions can be in conjunction with an assessment (recommended), or as a separate initiative to focus on executive clarity. These sessions would be highly introspective, and would need the commitment of the executive members to fully benefit from this investment.

Operationalizing an assessment

Now that you have your organizational mirror, have engaged in introspection and self reflection, you may benefit from some help to operationalize the insights. This service is to take the assessment, understand what the organization should do with the insights gained, and to help with the implementation of the insights.

Specific tools

Risk assessment / Incident reporting / Incident investigation

Now that you know about a different way to look at safety, are you ready to look at how this philosophy can be lived through your processes? Having some type of organizational mirror is very helpful if processes are to be thoroughly examined to help the organization to get maximal benefit from them.