Are You a Good Fit for Beyond the Minimum?

If you work (or have worked) in a healthy organization, I would love to have you on a podcast episode where you explain how that organization operates!

Some areas we will be discussing:

– Hiring and onboarding
– What a good day looks like
– What a not so good day looks like
– What happens when the “train begins to fall off the rails”
– How the personal/professional divide is negotiated
– How the us/them gap is addressed
– How leaving the organization is handled
– Anything specific to your organization that helps make your workplace a great place to work

Why do this?

You get to share your organization (past or present) to the audience of Beyond the Minimum, and maybe your words will have ripples in organizations that can begin to adopt such practices.

Are you a good fit for Beyond the Minimum? Let's find out!