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As I write this, the first Sunday of Advent has been celebrated.  I have recently learned that this Sunday represents darkness and despair, war and hopelessness.  While many wish for a utopic world, our world hasn’t ever been perfect, and it never will.  We do need to work to change what we can to make a better world, but we will never have a world rid of poverty, aggression and misery.

Most women who have given birth naturally can attest that the pain is excruciating – the desire to “give up” when told “C’mon, push harder!” is strong, but very few women have given up – they do deliver their baby (ies), and the joy and sense of miracle washes over all the pain and discomfort that had just been experienced.

There is no question that times, when viewed from a perspective often portrayed by the news, suck.  The sun sets every day.  There are even days with no sun.  And, it is also true that the sun will shine again, that adversity is never forever, and that there is beauty even in the darkest of places.

Take a deep breath.  Try to savour the fact that you are alive.  Think of something for which you can be grateful.

Even if the world around you does not get better, you can decide to change your outlook – and suddenly the world around you does seem better!