Life can be tough - and there are great networks who can help!

It is easy to become disillusioned and upset when focusing on external events – from catastrophic temperature rises causing weather chaos,  from rampant inflation to housing crises, from global wars to divisions in societies – one can really be drawn in to a state of helplessness, sadness leading to a miserable outlook.

As an antidote, there are wonderful networks out there to take part in that are great places to share, network and be uplifted.

On Tuesdays at 8AM EST, Bernie Franzgrote and Wayne Pratt co-host East Trade Winds, a welcoming place for entrepreneurs to meet others and share information.

On Wednesdays at 1PM EST, Matthew Cahill and team lead a powerful hour of incredible sharing and amazing learning at Inclusive Leadership in a Virtual World. All are welcome.

Throughout the week, Bobby Umar takes part in powerful LinkedIn audios, and has a tremendous network that supports entrepreneurs on their journey.

On Fridays at 2pm EST, Michael Whitehouse rounds out the week with The Entrepreneurial Village, where support and connections are also made.

Not nearly as frequently, Beyond Safety Compliance hosts quarterly webinars where I (Tanya Hewitt) and a guest talk about a subject not often talked about at workplaces – Zoom attendees can even win a prize!

This is only a sampling – there are many supportive networks out there that allow you safe spaces to find people to (virtually) lean on, and to get helpful advice or just to have a listening ear.

If you find yourself being drawn into a spiral of negativity, join one of the networks above (or share yours in the comments!).  We need not go through these tough times alone – there are many wonderful people out there who can help lift your spirits.